Becca Thomas


An intro to me

Project manager with a special interest in product, user experiance and design.

Previously a lawyer, I am now a PM, UXD and self taught web developer!

NB. This site was planned, designed and developed by me!

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FAQs but make them interview style

After working in the legal industry for nearly 5 years I found myself more engaged in optimizing our tech and improving platform UX than writing letters and attending court!

Changing career at 29 was daunting, especially after 7 years of Uni and training (!), but I want a career I love, something I am excited about. The tech industry excites me and managing projects is a core skill of all lawyers - so I am applying what I know to do something exciting!

Most recently, me!

Changing career, country and industry has been my project for the last 10 months. I approached the change as a project, creating a plan, budget and timeline.

And workwise?

I took a case to the high court in December 2021. Managing a case is akin to managing a project; I had stakeholders in my clients and Directors, and a budget and timeline set by the court.

A tricky one to discuss without breaking client confidentiality!

There was an instance where I was responsible for the preparation and delivery of court mandated paperwork, it was completed and posted via airmail well in advance of the deadline.. but got lost on the way.

My approach to issues such as these is to think through the issue, as a rule there is always a solution.

I discussed the additonal cost of having the paperwork securely emailed to a legal print company in the destination country; got the budget signed off, liaised with the company and the paperwork was delivered just before the deadline!

Pretty much everyday in law was spent prioritizing many - MANY - clients' needs. Based on upcoming deadlines, task length, team capacity and stakeholder requests; I ordered my forseeable tasks monthly, then again at the start of the week. Finally - as law is an agile work environment, with the need to constantly react to change - at the beginning of each day.

Where in the world am I?

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